About My Love For Cute Things

The moment you put something cute in front of me, be it a baby doing something funny, a dog with a guilty look on its face, the newest hello kitty collection, Japanese kawaii fashion or saccharine movies, my hormones go haywire and the loony comes out in an instant making me go ‘dawhhh’

Innocence and Purity

What ultimately draws me to cute things is the notion of the incorruptibility. Occasionally I can be quite a cynic myself, hardened by life, although I try not to be. Too many things in this world are bleak, dark and upsetting, and everything and everyone is so serious. Cute things make me forget that, and allow me to admire and revel in the stainless naivety, much like believing in fairytales or magic.I am transported into a childlike trance state, where upon setting my eyes on something adorable, I can shut out all the other ugliness of the outside world and feel like a little girl again, unscarred, pure and innocent.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and although cute may be classified as beautiful, not all darling things are considered beautiful, but rather may be called ‘Kitsch’. I am drawn to kitsch for instance, and much to the dismay of my boyfriend, I fill our already very crammed and overpopulated burrow with sweet little knick-knack’s.

I believe my reasons for this are in some strange and twisted sense sentimental. As a kid I grew up with as an only child but, I would mostly inherit hand-me-downs from my cousins, so most of my toys and clothing were masculine, functional or sporty in nature. Not that I minded, I was a bit of a Tom-boy in my early childhood and I wasn’t drawn to girly things, however funnily enough as I started getting older and started school, I got more appreciative of cuteness.


My better half puts it down to hormones, as sexist as it may sound, maybe there is some truth to it? Arguably, all women have a motherly instinct. My furnishing the house with adorable bits and bobs has been referred to as nesting and perhaps there is something to it. Could it be that my estrogen levels just seem to spike when I’m exposed to cuteness? Perhaps he is not completely wrong.