Best Cats&Dogs Websites Ever

Here’s the thing, I love animals in every shape, form and size. Whenever I lose faith in humanity and don’t want to live on this planet anymore, the little beasts, whether fluffy, feathered or scaly give me hope and turn my frown upside down every-time. This would also explain why my little bungalow resembles more of a zoo than a home, and why I leave my dorm looking like I’ve been ravished by a pack of wolves.

You could say I’m slightly obsessed, when I’m not attending to my cluster of critters, I’m either working at the local zoo, volunteering at the animal shelter or browsing the internet for the best resources on all things to do with pets, and because they’re so great, whether it’s because they’re informative or simply for the laughs, here’s a list of my top picks.

  • Zoo Borns

The zoology news blog is great at keeping you up to date with all the new developments in the industry, from endangered species births to conservation efforts. With a collection of incredible stories from zoo’s, aquariums and sanctuaries around the world and a gallery of adorable animal baby photos, this site is a budding zoologist dream, as well as a great way to educate kids. Did I mention you can buy the book version?

  • Pet Collective

This is a site purely for the LOLs. If I’m having a bad day, I’ll browse through some of the hilarious or incredibly cute videos on this site. You’ll be giggling and gushing in no time with the wonderful selection of parodies and skits.

  • Life with Dogs

This website is the penultimate resource for any dog owner or lover. Covering all things canine, from health, training and news, while also serving some wonderful pictures and videos, as well as informative blogs and discussion boards, you’ll never be left high and dry. Kitty lovers need not fear either, because there is a special section dealing with feline friends too.

  • Web Vet

An animal lover’s worst nightmare, is when their beloved cuddle buddy gets sick, even more so when you can’t get hold of a vet. Fear no more however, Web Vet is here. The equivalent of Web MD for animals, this website is the leading database for common pet ailments that will no doubt save you some unnecessary panic trips to the vet. No excuses, get diagnosing!