Cute Interior Design for a Young Couple

As mentioned in other parts of my website, I am an avid fan of interior design and decorating. I love all things cute, modern, and cosy, which reflects in my choices of interior design. My dorm room at university is filled with some of my soft toys and plush toys collection, which create a cosy feeling in the room that would otherwise be a meagre, dull space, yearning for a touch of pretty.

Even though my boyfriend does not exactly support and incline towards choosing cute things, we both try to find a means in between when choosing things, especially when it comes to home d├ęcor and interior design ideas.

Moving in Together?

Both my boyfriend and I study, and due to that, we live in separate dorm housing. As of late, we have been discussing the idea of moving in together in the near future. Due to my professional perspective, given that I study Interior Design, and also my personal preferences, both of us have been experiencing quite a difficult time when it comes to choosing between what is close at heart and what actually makes sense when it comes to styling up an apartment to be shared between a couple. It is proving quite a tough chore to see eye-to-eye on every decision we have been making, and mostly, compromising is the key to actual decisions and planning being carried out.

Despite being each other’s soulmates with personalities fitting truly like a glove, I like my cute, bright items, while he likes his gaming equipment, meaning that finding an in-between undoubtedly proves a challenge. Girly touches such as a towering assortment of throw pillows, key pink items, and scented candles, amongst others, are most definitely not my boyfriend’s go-to choices, but when it comes to decorating your space up, a happy, cosy, balance can be achieved.


In order to get accustomed to looks we like and key items which strike out to us, we have been browsing websites to get ideas of what we are after. I believe that doing this process prior to the actual shopping experience, gives us an opportunity to eliminate the hassle of having to figure things out in an overwhelming mountain of physical information. This way, when we get to the shopping stage, we can simply head straight to the key items we know we are after, the ones are hearts are set up on.

Pinning images and ideas on a vision board has helped us include items such as furniture, accessories, and colour schemes we are drawn to. I have been carefully listening to my boyfriend’s thoughts about which ideas do not strike out to him. Communicating in this manner have helped us understand our reasoning better so as to achieve a mutual agreement with which we can work and develop our dream.