My Teddy Bear Collection

As mentioned earlier, I am an avid fan of pretty items. I love all things cute, cosy, and cuddly. My dorm room at university is filled with some of my soft toys and plush toys collection, of which in total, counting the ones I have back at my parents’ place amount to 158 different toys and plush, which create a cosy feeling in the room that would otherwise be a meagre, dull space, yearning for a touch of pretty. I love them so much and could not possibly imagine my life without their beautiful presence in it.

Unforgettable Gifts

My stuffed toys and plush collection are my life, and I would try and save them all, were I ever caught in a fire. One of the bears is a light blue and fluffy one with the transparent chiffon and gold ribbon, and it was gifted to me by my brother. It was made at a ‘Build a Bear’ factory in the United States, as he was studying there for a while. It even has my name stitched on it in bright pink.

I have a beautiful, bright pink fluffy teddy bear with a big heart on its torso, which was given to me by my good girl friend back in high school, for Valentine’s Day. She got it from a gift shop at the aquarium in London.

Teddy Bears From All Over The World

Another special stuffed bear I have is a light brown one with heart-patterned ribbon around its neck, which was a mystery gift. I found it sitting at my doorstep on my birthday, five years ago. Someone must know me and my likes very well, a secret admirer, perhaps. The tag says it is made in Australia, so surely a lot of thought must have gone into it. I wish I could thank the person who thought to gift this gorgeous bear to me.The largest bear I currently have measures in at a whopping 3 feet, and it is a most handsome fluffy teddy with the cutest eyes. It was given to me by my cousin when he came here on holiday. He lives in Germany and I rarely get to see him or his family much.