The best decoration tips

Every person’s home is probably the most expensive single item he/she will purchase in a lifetime.  Hence, everybody would like to own the most beautiful and comfortable home possible, with all the necessities and possibly even luxuries.  The good news is that you need not spend a fortune in decorating your home.  With a lot of imagination, you could express the artist in you by utilising different mediums to create a beautifully decorated home in an affordable manner.

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First and foremost, one must look at the fundamentals, that are every-day basics.  These must be functional and comfortable.  The kitchen and living space are the hub of every home so investing a little extra money here is a good start.  Having a comfortable dining area allows you share intimate dining experiences with family and friends.  The same is true for a well-organised kitchen.

Express your style and personality when designing the bedroom.  Opt for neutral colours that create a serene atmosphere.  Adding a soft rug and lots of cushions and plush makes it cosier especially for the cold, winter days.

Create a calm and bright atmosphere in the bathroom.  It is a place you will be visiting often!

Ensure you have enough storage space to rid of unnecessary clutter.  Do not hoard useless objects. Learn to give away or discard items you know you will not use regularly.

Creative Ideas

Interesting, creative, colourful wall art adds a splash of brightness to white walls.  You could be the artist here.  Get hold of an art canvas and some acrylic paints and let your hands do the magic! You’d be surprised at how relaxing this could be!

Restore, Revamp and Recycle

Give a new lease of life to a piece of unwanted, old furniture.  Simply changing the knobs of a chest of drawers or varnishing and stencilling the piece, will make it seem brand new.

Make a Statement!

Introduce at least one statement piece to your home.  This could be anything ranging from a piece of furniture of sentimental value to anything you or your children created. Choose the perfect location for it, usually close to, or in the hallway is the ideal place.

Sense it!

Lastly, enhance your senses! – have a bouquet of fresh flowers in sight, scented candles scattered in corners of the house and instrumental music to set a relaxed vibe throughout the entire house.  

Happy decorating!